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WITHOUT YOU THERE’D BE CRICKETS: The Story behind the Business

The STARS of my success are ALL the customers that have bought jewelry from me over the years!  Without you - there’d be CRICKETS!  When you came to my booth, we were strangers,  but by the time you left we hugged as friends. BAR NONE some of my BEST suggestions and thoughts over the years has come from customers. I remember the fun we had together, we got to share part of our life with each other, that’s memorable & special.  People came for many reasons, some people came because of the story, and they could relate to clasps being difficult because of arthritis, MS, Parkinson's  or even being one handed.  Others because the jewelry caught their eye and they...

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KEEP’EM COMMING: The Story behind the Business

Design what it means to me.  It’s been a tough but miraculous way!  If you think it, it’s possible.  You just must find a way to make it become a reality.  This is design.  Also, design is where the idea and the knowledge of how to do it intersect.  Knowing that I was using a mathematical equation as the base of my necklace design, it was fun to see how many designs I could produce.  I had the Classic Line, and then the Uptown, Elite and Signature Line.  With each line came new creativity, like going to sleep and waking up refreshed in the morning I would see new designs in my head.  What was fun were the customers.  When...

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FAMILY, FRIENDS & STRANGERS who became them: The Story behind the Business

 WEB of people who care.  It’s been a tough but miraculous way!  Every day the web of people who care grows.  The background characters are the unspoken stars of everything I do!  Without them I would not be in business today.  The fun I had working with my Auntie, my Cousin Laura, my Sister and the golden prize to both of my parents were some of my most cherished memories with them.  Friends who I’ve known for life or met in college I got to hire and hopefully bless them, like they blessed me… But the surprises are those who were strangers who become like family!   So, I tell a story of one of my employees who was my...

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Downtown Disney: The Story behind the Business

Downtown Disney: The Story behind the Business Surprise Success.  It’s been a tough but miraculous way!   Single handedly making  all of my jewelry, and being the only employee was a big strike against me getting a kiosk at Downtown Disney.  I knew a miracle had taken place by being Branded, and creating packaging, and waiting for my TM all within 2 weeks… But I wasn’t sure that walking into the meeting with a photo album of pictures, and a single board of necklace samples, I would be taken seriously.  As I walked into the office at DTD by myself in my suit and sunglasses with my bag of samples in hand, I prayed for a chance.  When I walked out,...

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BRANDING: The Story behind the Business

What?  It doesn’t have to be about jewelry??  It’s been a tough but miraculous way!   Here is the miracle I promised yesterday.  Scene 1:  Seeing a picture of mine that was posted for a brief minute before being taken down off Facebook, a friend from high school; Lisset, called me and asked what I was doing with my beautifully balanced jewelry company and if I would like to be branded, she could help me!  Just that weekend I had been told that I needed to be branded in order to have a kiosk at Downtown Disney.  I couldn’t believe it…  …  …  She had called me right when I needed Her talent and expertise!  I said “yes- help me”.  First...

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