Friends & Family Campaign Premieres on Mothers Day May 8th at 3pm (pst)

family & friends this is most important to me

Dear family and friends, After a decade of working day and night, my dreams are becoming a reality... see what my team and I are ready to bring into the world!

My Family & Friends Campaign launches Mother's Day May 8th at 3 PM PST and ends Father's Day June 19th at 3 PM PST. All appreciation gifts will be sent by Labor Day September 5th.

how you can help: 1. watch the video 2. donate & choose a gift

donate & choose a gift

donate & choose a gift


Who wants those frustrating clasps eliminated? "I Do!"

All of Charise Noel designs are easy, beautiful and everyone can do it

our story and inspiration

Want to know what is exciting? Charise Noel is prepared to take her jewelry to the next level! To read the story and see what her vision is click here.

Or go ahead, support the project for no reward, just because you love the jewelry and want everyone to experance how easy it is to wear and how Charise Noel designs are so unique and beautiful.