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WITHOUT YOU THERE’D BE CRICKETS: The Story behind the Business

The STARS of my success are ALL the customers that have bought jewelry from me over the years!  Without you - there’d be CRICKETS!  When you came to my booth, we were strangers,  but by the time you left we hugged as friends. BAR NONE some of my BEST suggestions and thoughts over the years has come from customers. I remember the fun we had together, we got to share part of our life with each other, that’s memorable & special. 

People came for many reasons, some people came because of the story, and they could relate to clasps being difficult because of arthritis, MS, Parkinson's  or even being one handed.  Others because the jewelry caught their eye and they thought it was a cool design, and even still, some came just because they loved penguins and that is my brand!  A lovely couple with the last name Slacks would come every year, to the LA county fair and buy something from me.  We got to know each other well and I loved how they would say, “together we're a pair of Slacks!”   They loved to travel, and they loved penguins, just like my Brand.  So, when they took a trip to Antarctica to visit the penguins, she packed my jewelry and specifically took a picture with the penguins for me!  That made me feel special and it was so COOL!   

Now I need YOUR thoughts again.  On Wednesday June 8th I will post an interview video of me answering your questions, anything you would like to ask me.  Any questions on how I did something… what it’s like now without my mom… or ANY Shark Tank-ish questions you might have.  Be like Simon, on AGT who asks every contestant, “What would you do with the Million dollars if you were to win?”   Anything that is on your mind to ask- ASK (Nothing’s too personal).  Feel free to leave a comment, or message me or text me with questions and I’ll include them in my video!  THIS IS A HUGE HELP to me, and my team so let’s have fun with this!

If you don’t know why I’m writing all of these stories and would like to see what my vision is for my jewelry business, than please visit and watch my less than 5 min video. Thanks!

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