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Downtown Disney: The Story behind the Business

Downtown Disney: The Story behind the Business

Surprise Success.  It’s been a tough but miraculous way!   Single handedly making  all of my jewelry, and being the only employee was a big strike against me getting a kiosk at Downtown Disney.  I knew a miracle had taken place by being Branded, and creating packaging, and waiting for my TM all within 2 weeks… But I wasn’t sure that walking into the meeting with a photo album of pictures, and a single board of necklace samples, I would be taken seriously.  As I walked into the office at DTD by myself in my suit and sunglasses with my bag of samples in hand, I prayed for a chance.  When I walked out, I had a contract signed to begin the week of Spring Break- EASTER!  I was elated! Going to my parents and pulling out the signed contract with Disney was one of my most memorable and exciting moments!   And then the reality hit me- so much had to be done, in just 3 weeks! I had a Yes, but I had no idea how it was all going to happen… Making jewelry, hiring employees, building a kiosk display, uniforms, training, the list went on and on…

One thing I didn’t have to worry about was my kiosk signage, thank God I had my Brand, so I emailed it to a man named Sterling for Him to put it on the Disney format and went into overdrive on other tasks.  My mom sat down with me and made a task list for all that was to be done, and who was responsible for doing it.  Dad and Papa build a display, Mom sew a logo and make an apron, me hire employees make over 1000 pieces of jewelry in a week… then I got a call from Sterling in the marketing department… I couldn't believe my ears; he was asking how I came up with my brand.  I told him the story and laughing he said – “I’ve been working at Disney in the Branding department for over 25 years, and I’ve worked with some of the best brands in the world.  I don’t do this, but can I come down and take a picture with you when you open?  You have the strongest brand I’ve seen since Nike.  Remember this, you can sell a strong Brand for good money.”  Flabbergasted I replied,  “I would love to meet you.  Thank you!” 

This is a picture of Sterling and me when I opened my Kiosk at DTD, everything got done that needed to and it was FUN doing it!  I worked around the clock making jewelry or selling jewelry until 1 AM but that phone call took my worries of, can I? To - I can.  This is the real me.  Opportunity knocking, doors opening, people saying yes is not MY doing.  I showed up, gave it my best and was willing to do it – The results are left in God’s hands.  And He will DO it again!  Visit me, watch my 5 min video!  Donate to my campaign and receive a Charise Noel handmade necklace of your own as appreciation from me and my team.

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