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FAMILY, FRIENDS & STRANGERS who became them: The Story behind the Business

WEB of people who care.  It’s been a tough but miraculous way!  Every day the web of people who care grows.  The background characters are the unspoken stars of everything I do!  Without them I would not be in business today.  The fun I had working with my Auntie, my Cousin Laura, my Sister and the golden prize to both of my parents were some of my most cherished memories with them.  Friends who I’ve known for life or met in college I got to hire and hopefully bless them, like they blessed me… But the surprises are those who were strangers who become like family!   So, I tell a story of one of my employees who was my true Star.

When Disney said YES, I had to have help making jewelry as the hours for working at Downtown Disney are longer than the hours at Disneyland.  I had no idea how to find talent, so I started asking other people if they knew anyone.  A friend Luke, at my dad's home church, said he knew a young girl who was making “kandi”(I thought candy) jewelry that was remarkable, and he wanted me to meet her.  I agreed. 

When Kortni, 18yr came with her mom Kathy, I knew that I was going to like her.  We couldn’t be more different, and yet both of our mom’s loved and believed in us whole heartedly!   Kortni was real, her love for making “candy” was not the kind I knew about, kandi was a type of friendship jewelry that ravers make to express their bond of friendship to each other and commitments to Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.  I was making jewelry with sterling silver & pearls, and she was making jewelry with stuffed animals and plastic beads.  But what I admired right away from this young girl was her spunk and commitment to learn.  The BEST thing I ever did was hire her!  Kortni was the biggest blessing and answer to prayer that I could have had.  She is incredible!  Her organizing skills are the best I’ve seen, and right away as I showed her how to twist the silver into a knot, she practiced and did everything I showed her to do, Brilliantly!   The first day I was timing her and testing her skills,  which far surpassed my expectations, this girl was SMART and talented! (It sounds like a cheesy Birthday card!  But it’s true.)  I knew she had what it takes to do dainty, fine jewelry and I loved working with her every minute.  I could depend on her to get the job done and to do it well.  I knew we were going to have fun working together and we did!  For awhile she was like a little sister to me… now she’s all grown up.

Each person I have worked with has been a huge blessing to my company but also to me personally.   The fun and growth I’ve had with them is amazing!  I feel like if I write more stories, it won’t stop because each woman and a several men, I could tell a story about how they blessed me and without them I would be nothing.  God brought them to me at just the right time, to fulfill his plan.  People are interesting, they come into your life for a time, and they leave your life at a time, for such a time as this.  God brings the right people at the right time for the work to be done, when it’s part of His plan.   And He will DO it again!  Visit me, watch my 5 min video!  Donate to my campaign and receive a Charise Noel handmade necklace of your own as appreciation from me and my team.

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