I'm Praying for You, My Friends.

Friends & Family Campaign

Hi Family and Friends,

I’m excited to let you know that I’m launching a Friends and Family fundraising campaign to bring my Charise Noel Infinity jewelry line to market. Last year I was blessed to complete both the mechanism and design for the dual patent pending line. Now, my team and I are ready to bring my product to market.

My parents have helped all they can (and have invested a nice chunk of change) and I need to raise money to grow the business to the next stage quickly. 

To learn more about my project and give a gift of any amount, simply click the link below.


As you will see on the site, for any amount given, I would like to give you one of my limited number of patent-pending Wonder necklace sets.  You are the first to see this design and they have never been sold.  Please choose one of the three sets on the Friends and Family web page, where you can read what inspired me for each Wonder necklace set.

Please also share my fundraiser link with your friends, it would mean so much.   

Let’s Bring Infinity to Life!

Charise Noel Erickson-Mineiro

Charise Noel Enterprises, LLC

(949) 232-8257 | charisenoel@gmail.com