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BRANDING: The Story behind the Business

What?  It doesn’t have to be about jewelry??  It’s been a tough but miraculous way!   Here is the miracle I promised yesterday. 

Scene 1:  Seeing a picture of mine that was posted for a brief minute before being taken down off Facebook, a friend from high school; Lisset, called me and asked what I was doing with my beautifully balanced jewelry company and if I would like to be branded, she could help me!  Just that weekend I had been told that I needed to be branded in order to have a kiosk at Downtown Disney.  I couldn’t believe it…  …  …  She had called me right when I needed Her talent and expertise!  I said “yes- help me”.  First question I asked, “what does it mean to be branded?”  I know what you're thinking, who doesn’t know what a brand is?  Let’s put this in perspective, people who shopped Brands knew what a Brand was- at that time, I didn’t.  Also, there weren’t adds, marketers, YouTubers and more telling you daily what a brand was.  This was over a decade ago folks! 

As Lizette walked me through what a Brand is, she gave two example:  Disney & Nike she ran through the mark, slogan and name and colors which creates the entire brand and asked me to think about each one, not from the perspective of a jewelry company, but from what is me.  CUT-

Scene 2:  While my mom was washing dishes, I sat in the kitchen with her and my boyfriend at the time, Cameron; trying to come up with a mark for my brand that wasn’t necessarily about jewelry.  I was STUMPPED.  Out of the blue, Cameron asked me if I ever collected anything?  “Yeah, I started collecting penguins when I was in 2nd grade because I did a report on them and I drew my penguin like this…” grabbing a napkin, I drew my penguin.  Cameron said, “I liked it, it’s simple and cute.”  I looked down as he held the napkin and I noticed his ROLEX watch and said, “everything these days wears a crown.  If I was to wear a crown, it would be a three-point crown for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”  And I drew the crown on top.  “Because I’m Charise Noel, a child of God and that’s the real me.”  I wrote underneath.  In a matter of 3 days, I was told I needed to be branded by Judi, took pictures with Debbie which led to Lisset calling me and asking if I would like to be branded!  Sitting down at my parent's kitchen table one  perfectly timed question sparked the chain of events and in 5 minutes my Brand was born! CUT-

Scene 3:  The color purple is a royal color- but mine comes from the chalk color purple you see in sunsets on a cloudy day.  It’s beautiful.  I also love purple because as a child of God, one of His names is “King most high”, this makes me royalty- which we All are.  Over time I have come to see this Brand as Charise Noel the name I was born with; the penguin represents the things we like; and  the crown, the things we believe.  When I put together what I was born with, what I like, and what I believe- that is the real me!  Now, I needed an IP lawyer to see if I could be Trademarked?  Let’s just say.  I was.  God uses everything in our life!  There are no insignificant moments of our past, with God anything can be used as significant in His time!  And He will DO it again!  Visit me, watch my 5 min video!  Donate to my campaign and receive a Charise Noel handmade necklace of your own as appreciation from me and my team.

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