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Charise Noel uses the stories of her life to create uniquely designed jewelry.  She uses her knowledge of math and science to create lovely, functional jewelry that everyone can wear.  The simplicity of each design is in correctly balancing the equation.  Her attention to detail creates a simple elegant line of jewelry that eliminates obstacles and makes her creativity limitless.  

Working with patterns of design has been Charise’s passion since childhood.  She enjoys the challenge of seeing how different shapes, colors and weights can work together.  By hand making her designs first she tests each piece to make sure it works easily, making her jewelry a joy to wear.   With her success in making jewelry, and the stories of countless people who appreciate the ease of design; it has been a natural transition to manufacture her pieces in different metals and styles.

Charise’s mentorship in jewelry design was expanded with her working in fine jewelry at Stuart Moore, in New Port Beach, an artisan handcrafted fine jeweler who used the scientific shape of a finger to revolutionize the ring industry.  The appreciation for contemporary modern design, with straight lines, balanced proportions and simplistic forms has influenced her streamline perspective on her wearable collections. 

Born in Ontario California, Charise was fortunate to be born into a family rich in artistic history. Her Grandma was a jewelry designer, watercolor painter, and acclaimed seamstress for “Bullocks” in the late 1930’s.  Her artistic talents have trickled down through generations. 

Charise’s jewelry has been seen on television programs such as Extra, the VOICE, So You Think You Can Dance, and interviewed by Pattie Daily.  Her work has also been reviewed by Entertainment Today, Huffington Post, EDEN magazine, OK magazine online and the Wire.  Movie stars and actresses such as Paula Abule, Oscar winner Carol Connors, Hollywood Icons, Deidre Hall and Dee Wallace and 2017 Emmy Winner Kim Estes all have Charise Noel jewelry.  Rebecca Metz from “Better Things” says Charise Noel is the “Best Jewelry EVER!”


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Charise Noel: Founder