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TRADEMARKS: The Story behind the Business

 Surprise Party.  It’s been a tough but miraculous way! Going into downtown LA jewelry mart is an experience of a lifetime.  I seriously thought the US National Debt could be eliminated by the amount of gold, silver, platinum and diamonds I saw on one street!  I bought supplies with $300 and made about 100 necklaces of different designs.  In 2006-2007 the real estate bubble popped, and street fairs were being overrun by jewelry makers trying to supplement their income.  I called everywhere, from Santa Barbara down to San Clemente and the answer was NO to me because I made jewelry.  But wait… there was one reluctant market manager who was willing to see me and my jewelry, Randi in San...

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SOLUTIONS: The Story behind the Business

Why is it important for the Entire Charise Noel line of jewelry to be Easy? It’s been a tough but miraculous way! Shure cancer is hard.  The treatments are deadly, and the side affects are numerous… but the goodness of life doesn’t just happen when it’s easy.  You must choose happiness today, and part of that is beauty, jewelry included.  Beauty in your body, what you wear and how you present yourself.  Do you present yourself as sad and helpless or hopeful and joyful?  My mom choose the later, and for all those who join her, I wanted to create a solution that would match her beauty in jewelry- and for her to put on herself.  Again, I ask, Why...

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INSPIRATION: The Story behind the Business

• Things you don’t know about my Inspiration. It’s been a tough but miraculous way! When my mom was still battling stage 4 cancer in 2000, I was engaged to be married, which people in my life were excited for on account that it was a joyful occasion that my mom could live to see. But three weeks before, he called off the wedding. I was devastated and the failure I felt was crushing and blinding. • I left my teaching job, family, friends and church in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and went to my friend Edith’s parents in Springfield Missouri. In short… I got a little lost and ran away. Not knowing how to handle this level of rejection…. I...

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DREAMS: The story behind the business

  Why does this picture matter? It’s been a tough but miraculous way!   At 29 years old I found myself with both of my feet operated on at the same time (couldn’t walk or stand on my own), my husband of three years served me divorce papers and I was going to lose my first home, a condo in Dana point, CA. To keep myself from going crazy, I tried to see if there was any talent, hidden that I could discover in myself. I first tried painting (like my mom’s mom) but what I saw (a vase of flowers) I couldn’t get to look like on the canvas.  I didn’t feel like I had talent there.  The next thing...

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