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Itchy Feet Happy Soul
Itchy Feet Happy Soul

Itchy Feet Happy Soul

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Itchy Feet Happy Soul, a humorous look at the power of the itch is a book that makes you laugh, think and itch all at the same time!  It is perfect for a gift to a friend, a coworker, family member or for yourself!  A quick read that is unexpected, you can easily pick it up and laugh over and over again.  Let's motivate each other to accept our itches and to help each other find a way to scratch them. 

6" x 6" Book, 72 pages long (Quick Read) Great for any place you would put a magazine, like in an office, on a coffee table or in a basket for someone to pick up and read for a quick minute.  


Marisol told me that in just 15 minutes she went from stressing over what she wanted to accomplish in her business and what she needed to do, to laughing about it!  A stress RELIEF!

Calvin read Itchy Feet Happy Soul on the airplane and was surprised at how the fonts in the book made him have feelings while reading the book.  He said, "It was almost kinetic."

Virginia thought that it was a children's book.  "It's not!  This is the next motivational business book!  WOW!"