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Adoration (STORY)
Adoration (STORY)

Adoration (STORY)

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This is the first necklace that I made for myself.  This beauty is stunning! Any way that it is worn it looks fabulous.  There is a subtle elegance in this necklace that is not overstated. 

Over 5 feet of white 8 mm-10 mm freshwater pearls hand wrapped in oxidized sterling silver with 4 mm freshwater pearls. 

STORY:  When I was 13 years old I inherited a strand of pearls from my Grammy that were worn by her in the 1920's with an elegant box clasp.  I was allowed to wear them for a special lunch with a friend.  My mom had warned me not to take off the necklace for any reason.  But when my friend asked to see what they would look like on her, I hesitantly took them off and handed them to her.  She went into the bathroom for the mirror and when she returned, she didn't have them!!! I found out years later that because she was jealous, she flushed them down the toilet! 

Years later, I began making jewelry and this is the first piece that I made for myself.  I was wearing this strand of amazing pearls that are as long as I am tall and when I looked in the mirror, I began to cry.  The pearls that were cast before swine, and trampled on has given back 10 times in this necklace that adorns me in a picture of restoration and redemption!  I hope that when you wear ADORATION that it reminds you that the things in life that feel lost, miss treated and destroyed, are just in the process of being reborn in a way that will bless you.