I'm Praying for You, My Friends.

Calendar 2020

If you would like to make sure that I am going to be at the next show, please text me at 949-232-8257.  See you soon!
Let's have a PARTY!  I love to have fun meeting amazing women, who enjoy friendship and jewelry!  Host a party with 8 or more friends and you will receive a hostess gift and earn 15% of the party sales towards Charise Noel jewelry!  Any friend who buys 2 additional endings will receive the 3 one FREE (ONLY at PARTIES)!   This way everyone wins!  Penguin Parties are FUN... BOOK Today!
I am really excited to be launching the Charise Noel Friends and Family Campaign.  There is so much potential in what Charise Noel Enterprises, LLC.  can become!  If you would like to see what opportunity there is for you to be apart of the growth or investment , than let's chat.