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exclusively for friends & family

Choose one of the three Wonder Sets below.  To learn more about my project and give a gift of any amount simply click the link Donate.  Once you have donated please call me to choose your Wonder Gift Set.  I look forward to talking to you soon!  Charise  (949) 232-8257

Faith Set:  The Real Me is a child of God, this set is made to represent my brand.  The distinct contrast of black to white represents your choice to live in the light of God and not in the shadows of doubt.  Our faith is the foundation that makes us strong.

Faith Set Includes: Stainless Steal Necklace with black enamel and clear crystal center.  1 matching ending in black enamel and clear crystal and 1 white mother of pearl with black crystal ending.

HOPE ENDURES:  A spark of life, the color of hope.  This set is for those who choose life and want it to be filled with hope both now and forever.  I realize there are many causes to support, but all of them represent the sparkle of life, the reasons to live and the choice to hold onto hope for those we love.  

Hope Endures Set Includes: Stainless Steal Necklace with breast cancer awareness pink enamel and light pink crystal center.  1 matching ending in breast cancer awareness pink enamel and light pink crystal and 1 silver dust  with clear  crystal ending.

ETERNAL LOVE: is the story of my parents.  They met at San Clemente beach where my mom lived and my dad was a lifeguard.  They have loved God, loved each other, their family and others their whole married life.  They met when my dad was 21 and my mom 18 yr. Their birthstones are in the center of abalone and shell to represent their legacy over the last 47 years.  

Eternal Love Set Includes: 14kt Gold plate over stainless steal necklace with abalone and freshwater pearl center.  1 matching ending with abalone and freshwater pearl center and 1 shell with emerald crystal ending.

C L I C K  T H E  L I N K  B E L O W  T O  C O N T R I B U T E :

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