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Rev 22 amethysts, carnelian, turquoise, gemstone
Twelve Tribes (STORY)
Twelve Tribes (STORY)

Twelve Tribes (STORY)

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14 kt gold fill chain with the twelve stone that represent the twelve foundations of the New Jerusalem. Found in Revelations 21.  Jasper, sapphire, agate, emerald, onyx, ruby, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, turquoise,red jacinth and amethyst.  There are twelve freshwater pearls and on either side representing the 12 decipals,  there is a blue crystal for the river flowing through heaven and green crystal representing the tree of life.  32" long

What a beautiful picture of Gods heart for mankind, including old testament promises given to the 12 tribes of Israel and the new testament promises given to the 12 decipals as the foundation and gates in heaven!  

NOTE:  The stones may varies in shape and size and in some cases color.  They are representations of the listed stones and not actual stones ex: ruby