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SOLUTIONS: The Story behind the Business

Why is it important for the Entire Charise Noel line of jewelry to be Easy? It’s been a tough but miraculous way! Shure cancer is hard.  The treatments are deadly, and the side affects are numerous… but the goodness of life doesn’t just happen when it’s easy.  You must choose happiness today, and part of that is beauty, jewelry included.  Beauty in your body, what you wear and how you present yourself.  Do you present yourself as sad and helpless or hopeful and joyful?  My mom choose the later, and for all those who join her, I wanted to create a solution that would match her beauty in jewelry- and for her to put on herself. 

Again, I ask, Why is it important for the entire line of Jewelry to be Easy? Because God doesn't waste anything.  He used my 1 year of teaching math and science to 6th graders to allow an idea to become a solution for countless other people!!  The idea was using the mathematics of a pulley system for a necklace! This way I have both- cool designs and ease of use for anyone!

The solution was the Math.  I don’t teach now… well I do my 4-year-old but that’s different.  In that short year, a seed was planted in 2000 that would remain hidden underground in my mind for 7 years!  UNTIL- I was 30 years old and searching for my talent.  (Read my post about Dreams for more about that…)  From the beginning of life and God, the Timeline and His Provision go hand in hand.  For both the seed and the ground are prepared for growth as they Wait for the Rain and the Workers which are not YET…(Gen 2:4-8) I love how God plants things that are in hiding for us UNTIL the day of revealing provision is there… And then, the Not yet becomes NOW.  God’s pattern of design is in stages and layers.  And He will DO it again!  Visit me, watch my 5 min video!  Donate to my campaign and receive a Charise Noel handmade necklace of your own as appreciation from me and my team.

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