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RELAY RACE TO THE FINISH LINE: The Story behind the Business

The relay race is the only track and field event that one team is racing against other teams.  This Sunday is the finish line to our fundraising campaign, Family and Friends, for Charise Noel, LLC.  We end one race and begin the training and preparation for the next race to market!!  I’d like to introduce you to my fantastic team.   Starting with my dad, who is a man of God and ending with Virginia who is a God send! 

Bruce Erickson, Senior  Advisor:  With life experience as a retired Fireman from Ontario, Ca. and over 45 years of pastoral ministry at Life Bible Fellowship and Vine House Church he has gained wisdom in life from many experiences.  I have been blessed by Bruce, through his merciful outlook on difficulties and his humble acceptance of God’s plan for his life.  I have personally learned from him what it means to be a servant leader by putting others first, in family, friendships and in work.  I know that his advice is sound, and I am proud that Bruce Erickson is my dad, the one who showed me the love of God as a father who protects, provides and lovingly cares for his children. 

Scott Harris,  IP Law:  Has over 20 years experience and have written over 8000 patents.  Harris IP Law has authored over 20 patents that have been successfully enforced, against many companies who have tried to steal our clients’ inventions. I like how personable Scott is, I found him to be an expert in getting my patents through the patent office.  I know that if there is any reason my patent would need to be enforced, that Harris IP Law would be there to defend us.

Adam Miller, LLP:  Adam set up Charise Noel Enterprises, LLC.  When Virginia, my mom and I met Adam we new we would be cared for as a Company.  He was a great fan of the vision of Charise Noel and confident that he could help us with our legal needs as we move forward.  He was impressed with the jewelry and saw it’s potential, but what he really saw was the belief in each other, between Virginia and me. 

Virginia Lorimor, CFO:  A Certified Public Accountant with a vast knowledge of Accounting, Finance, Strategy and overall leadership has given me confidence that she is the right partner for me.  I wouldn’t be where I am at without Virginia.

I had done everything I knew to do and was praying for someone who would help me as a partner in my business.  Virginia and her husband Brian were at the San Clemente street fair and saw me demonstrating a necklace to a group of fascinated people.  They kept walking and she thought-  I’ll come back later when there aren’t so many people, and we can see what they were looking at. 

When she returned there were more people.  Waiting in back, she watched and listened as I sold to customers, hugged friends and came to an end and was packing up with my mom to leave.  Virginia cut straight to the point.  “I’ve watched you sell to many people and without you knowing you pitched to me.”  Come to find out Virginia had experience watching people pitch their products to investors and would help make the decision on who to invest in.  If I wanted help with growing and investment, she could help me get there.  I have come to believe that moment was an answer to prayer and an opportunity for me to believe.

Virginia helped me with becoming an LLC, capturing blind market research, and making changes to my thinking process to be scalable for the masses.  She was there to help me secure manufacturing in the USA before Covid- in 2019 and she helped me imagine designs for the Infinity line.   Her ability to communicate with me, and our team as piers is wonderful and our working relationship has bloomed into a great friendship.  I value that we can build a business together that gives credit to God, and I see her live and work with great integrity. 

I’m in a community of people who want to see Charise Noel succeed.  We need one another.  We need both our individual strengths and weaknesses, so that as a team we all shine, and take time to build each other up.  In all that is before us, Virginia will be directing us, my dad will be prayerfully keeping our mission statement clear, Scott and Adam will protect and defend us, and I will be telling my story, sharing the passion, the vision and being the Brand Charise Noel- the real me.    As for you- you are apart of my community as well.  I need your help to finish strong!  Visit us at


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