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FOR THOSE WHO HAVE GONE BEFORE ME: The Story behind the Business

I was thankful that my Papa at 93 years of age got to meet and hold my daughter Kara before he went to be with the Lord in 2017.  Shortly after he passed, I wrote as my business mantra the declaration of purpose.  “For those who have gone before me, for those who are with me, for those who come after me … To God Be the Glory!  This is my legacy.”

At the kiosk in Fashion Island, Pattie Daly bought my jewelry and heard my story.  When I called her, we hit it off immediately and she invited my mom and me on the Pattie Daly Caruso show, which was a highlight of my time with these two amazing women.  I loved how at ease my mom was talking about her breast cancer challenges and her faith that gave her comfort and hope.  Pattie and she became bosom buddies as they talked, and the interview was like catching up with a friend. 

Many of my important life experiences have happened on the road while staying in other people's homes.  In this way I have got to live life with others.  Phyllis and Allen Bear every year for 8 years hosted me for the entire LA County Fair season!  I am immensely thankful for the talks and encouragement the Bears have given me, as well as great food!  Almost every family member has made room for me to stay with them and blessed me with hospitality in their homes.  You ALL have been a generous and supportive team behind me all the way.  Thank you! 

Papa, Pattie and Mom …“For those who have gone before me” . . . I wouldn’t be here without you!

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