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FAME & IMPOSSIBLE GIFTS: The Story behind the Business

I wanted a special necklace to wear at the Oscars that would be made with real diamonds, genuine 18k gold and platinum.  I wanted my brand the Penguin with the crown, the real me- to be represented in a piece of jewelry.   

In 2013, I was working at a custom fine jewelry store at Fashion Island, in New Port Beach called Stuart Moore.  I got to work with the finest fine jewelry craftsmen in the World.  My friends- a goldsmith, Christian from France and Stephan a  diamond setter from Germany, and I asked them a favor- “Could you please make me a necklace like this in 3 days?  I’m doing the Oscars Gifting Suits on Saturday.  I would need it by Friday… Is it possible?”   I handed them the paper I had drawn out the dimensions and ideas on and Christian answered first.  “I will only do this for you once.  It is not right for you to ask us at the last minute.  But I will do it once.”  As I looked over at Stephan, he smiled and said, “I can do it.”  Those two men always lifted hopes and dreams! 

Now- I needed to fide a stone cutter for the center pieces of onyx and mother of pearl.  As I went on a hunt, I stopped for a coffee at my favorite place in Dana Point Harbor and as I was walking back to my car, I noticed an Indian gem store called the White Pelican.  Walking in I saw gems cut in every shape and amazing craftmanship.  Chad, the owner was a master stone cutter!  He agreed to cut the stones and have them ready in a day!  -  4 different artists, each Masters in their field- each one did their part.  In 3 days, I had my brand wrapped around my neck perfectly for the OSCARS.  Impossible – a part of Gods plan, possible. 

Now for the mistake I made.  I was giving hundreds of necklaces away made of sterling silver, Swarovski crystals and Freshwater pearls.  They were valuable and beautiful!  But, when Paula Abdul came to my table, she looked right at my most expensive necklace, pointed to my neck and said, “I want that one.”  I couldn't believe it- but I stammered, “I’m sorry this represents my brand and most valuable piece that I made for myself.”   Right after this picture she walked off- with nothing.  I thought, what have I done?  I have made a big mistake.  Why didn’t I give it to her?  Would she have reached out to me and helped me?  I will never know.  All I do know is that I still have the necklace that is the real me. 

Have you ever made a decision that you wonder why?  Or what if ____?  I believe that God uses those moments of real-life experience to teach us of ourselves.  I do know that the plans of God never fail.  And, if the opportunity were to arise again… I think I would respond differently.   To check out my Family & Friends Campaign and see what I have recently designed in 2020-2021- It’s WAY COOL and the potential is greater than anything I have made to date!  I can’t wait to see the impossible become possible- GOD.

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