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EMMY AWARD WINNER DONATES: The Story Behind the Business

Singing with the Pointer Sister; Bonnie in December 2019, was a highlight moment, she grabbed me & sang, “What a Wonderful World”! WOW, I sang with the Grammy winning Bonnie Pointer!! I know that Bonnie and my mom are both singing together and saying, “how do you do? There’re really saying... I love you.” Being remembered by Marilu Henner was special, because it blew me away- even though she has a memory that never forgets anything or anyone, it was still AMAZING!


There are countless necklaces that I’ve given away at gifting suits that end up on different TV programs, or in Movies or just sit in a pile of gifts that aren’t looked at and eventually are sent to the Goodwill by those that receive them. The last year February 2020 Emmy’s, my mom and I went together. It was fun to meet a mom and daughter pair of stars that we had to take a picture with! This was a special gifting suit, I brought both my jewelry and I also had my new book to give away, “Itchy Feet Happy Soul, a humorous look at the power of the itch.” I liked this combo, because the jewelry is a HIT for the ladies, although some men really do rock it! The book suited most men as their gift. I gave Kim Estes, Emmy award winner, a book and some jewelry for his wife and my mom and I enjoyed talking to him for a couple of minutes before another person came to my table. In all my years of being apart of different Red-Carpet Events, not one star has come back to thank me or buy anything. - Except ONE.  That’s not why you do the gifting suites.


To my total surprise, On March 8, 2022, Kim Estes, Emmy award Winner- went to my website, left an encouraging note that said, “thank you Charise! The best of great fortune to you! – kim” and donated $25 to me! There was no way for him to know how timely his donation was. I cried. My mom had left this Wonderful World and was with her creator. I was feeling lost, needing encouragement and not knowing how to move forward. Kim’s gift of words & money was no accidental timing… It was the inspiration and motivation that I needed to work on creating the Family & Friends campaign. And move forward… I had met Kim 2 years prior and gave him a book and NOW he was the first person to ever come back, and BOTH Thank me and DONATE to me! I was totally blown away. There is no such thing as a "small" act of generosity and gratitude. He gave me the push to just do it! THANK YOU, KIM ESTES! That’s the power of God’s perfect timing in delivering just what is needed for taking the next step. And He will do it again. You can see how my team and I are moving forward by watching the 5-minute video at

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