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DREAMS: The story behind the business


  • Why does this picture matter? It’s been a tough but miraculous way!   At 29 years old I found myself with both of my feet operated on at the same time (couldn’t walk or stand on my own), my husband of three years served me divorce papers and I was going to lose my first home, a condo in Dana point, CA.
  • To keep myself from going crazy, I tried to see if there was any talent, hidden that I could discover in myself. I first tried painting (like my mom’s mom) but what I saw (a vase of flowers) I couldn’t get to look like on the canvas.  I didn’t feel like I had talent there.  The next thing I tried was knitting (Like my dad’s mom) and although it was fun and I enjoyed the creativity, it took so long! So… I gave those scarves to my mom ... And thought what was Next?
  • I ask again, why does this picture matters? It’s because when I remembered the idea for a necklace that would have no clasp but stay securely on the neck- what I SAW in my head, without training or instruction my hands were able to make!  This felt like a hidden talent discovered from the beginning.... Shortly after I had a dream of the necklace that I'm wearing in the picture, it's like nothing I had made to that point!  I didn't even know if I could make it… In the dream there was black diamonds, sapphires, and rubies all cut in specific shapes and sizes and dimensions…  Interwoven around a Large pearl with 12 other pearls surrounding them all and encased in pure gold!  The sides of the necklace also meant specific things and they were each different.  I went on a hunt for a solution within my price range… $75 total!  I found Swarovski crystals that were the right shape, colors, and dimensions as the real stones in my dream!  I splurged and bought 24k gold chain and wire and began trying to make the “Promise “that God gave me, what I saw in my dream!  AGAIN… I was able to DO IT!
  • This picture was taken by Debbie Hewitt an accomplished photographer and friend- I wanted her to capture the story of “Promise” and she did. Every detail of this necklace has a meaning, it tells a story of promise for my life to be restored with a husband and a house and children in a time frame that seemed impossible!  And YET, God did it!   I love how God not only inspired me through my mom, but through a hidden talent that I was looking for, spoke to my broken heart of His Promise For my life. That He would take the lies and deceit that I was believing and cover them with His forgiveness and blood.  What the deceiver was out to destroy in me, My faith, My hope and My love… God was out to rebuild in a miraculous way!  And He will do it again!  Visit me, watch my 5 min video!  Donate to my campaign and receive a Charise Noel handmade necklace of your own as appreciation from me and my team. 

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