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RELAY RACE TO THE FINISH LINE: The Story behind the Business

The relay race is the only track and field event that one team is racing against other teams.  This Sunday is the finish line to our fundraising campaign, Family and Friends, for Charise Noel, LLC.  We end one race and begin the training and preparation for the next race to market!!  I’d like to introduce you to my fantastic team.   Starting with my dad, who is a man of God and ending with Virginia who is a God send!  Bruce Erickson, Senior  Advisor:  With life experience as a retired Fireman from Ontario, Ca. and over 45 years of pastoral ministry at Life Bible Fellowship and Vine House Church he has gained wisdom in life from many experiences.  I have been...

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FOR THOSE WHO HAVE GONE BEFORE ME: The Story behind the Business

I was thankful that my Papa at 93 years of age got to meet and hold my daughter Kara before he went to be with the Lord in 2017.  Shortly after he passed, I wrote as my business mantra the declaration of purpose.  “For those who have gone before me, for those who are with me, for those who come after me … To God Be the Glory!  This is my legacy.” At the kiosk in Fashion Island, Pattie Daly bought my jewelry and heard my story.  When I called her, we hit it off immediately and she invited my mom and me on the Pattie Daly Caruso show, which was a highlight of my time with these two amazing...

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It’s been a tough but miraculous way!  You can see the EXTRA hosts showing my jewelry on extra.  I was chosen as a product to be on the Nation-wide product demonstration!!! The requirements were extensive, I had to have 3,000 sets of necklaces in the EXTRA distribution warehouse in LA.  The packaging had to be drop box tested and barcodes specific to their system… all within a month!  Kortni and I made all the necklaces, while my dad cut the chain and my mom packaged and barcoded all the boxes!  Impossible math of all of us working together, we did it!  Thankfully, I had the money from my shows to buy all the supplies and pay Kortni, so I wasn’t...

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EMMY AWARD WINNER DONATES: The Story Behind the Business

Singing with the Pointer Sister; Bonnie in December 2019, was a highlight moment, she grabbed me & sang, “What a Wonderful World”! WOW, I sang with the Grammy winning Bonnie Pointer!! I know that Bonnie and my mom are both singing together and saying, “how do you do? There’re really saying... I love you.” Being remembered by Marilu Henner was special, because it blew me away- even though she has a memory that never forgets anything or anyone, it was still AMAZING!   There are countless necklaces that I’ve given away at gifting suits that end up on different TV programs, or in Movies or just sit in a pile of gifts that aren’t looked at and eventually are sent...

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FAME & IMPOSSIBLE GIFTS: The Story behind the Business

I wanted a special necklace to wear at the Oscars that would be made with real diamonds, genuine 18k gold and platinum.  I wanted my brand the Penguin with the crown, the real me- to be represented in a piece of jewelry.    In 2013, I was working at a custom fine jewelry store at Fashion Island, in New Port Beach called Stuart Moore.  I got to work with the finest fine jewelry craftsmen in the World.  My friends- a goldsmith, Christian from France and Stephan a  diamond setter from Germany, and I asked them a favor- “Could you please make me a necklace like this in 3 days?  I’m doing the Oscars Gifting Suits on Saturday.  I would need...

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